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What is lightning roulette like?

Essentially, you might think it’s a conventional roulette game, but it has some unique features. Once you’ve placed your bet and the ball is in motion, the dealer activates the lightning mode, which completely changes the game. You’ll notice he’s activated it when lightning bolts appear on your game screen – the excitement begins!

The appearance of the lightning indicates that the numbers will be multiplied by a series of multipliers. What does this mean? If the number you have marked comes up, you will receive the amount of money multiplied. So the excitement increases, but so does the potential reward. In addition, the traditional essence of the game is maintained, but it is enhanced in a very original way.

The system randomly chooses between one and five lightning numbers each hand. These act as multipliers, which increase the amount of money you win by 50 to 500 times. The speed of the game is also increased, an interesting addition. You will be able to win more prizes in less time.

How to play lightning roulette?

Lightning roulette tips

The basis is traditional roulette. Once the bets are open, you can choose the number you are most interested in from the table. When this phase is over, it is time to throw the ball and the system starts to select the lightning bolts. This is done in an automated and random manner, ensuring fairness at all times.

The multipliers assigned can be 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 and 500. If the number you bet on is the winner, you will get the normal amount multiplied by the lightning bolt attached. The minimum will always be 50, allowing you to increase your winnings with ease.

Despite these improvements, you should be aware of some trade-offs. If you make a full house not illuminated by lightning, the bet amount is only increased by 30 times instead of the usual 35 times. In addition, horses, corners and outside bets pay the amount of conventional odds. This allows you to develop different strategies in your quest for victory.

Also, the odds of winning more or less money vary depending on the type of roulette you play. 

What types of roulette are there?

Lightning roulette online

There are three types of roulette: European and American. Each has its own characteristics that affect your chances of winning. European roulette has 37 numbers ranging from one to 36 in both red and black and only one zero. The game table is larger than the other versions, the total bets available are 157 and it uses the prison rule, which favours the player.

As for the American version, the number of numbers it has is 38. The red squares are divided from one to 36 and there are both zero and double zero. The latter is the differential element of this roulette variant. This allows you to bet on five numbers with a single chip and features the surrender rule. 

Of all these versions, lightning only applies to the European version. Perhaps this will change over time, as it is a game mode that appeared in 2018. However, this will not prevent you from getting better prizes in your games.

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